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Train With Grains

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UOIT Women's Hockey - Marisa Murphy Water Bottle

Marissa Murphy of the UOIT women's hockey team eats her cereal before a morning practice where she pops the water bottle of the crossbar #trainwithgrains

Good in Every Grain #TrainWithGrains Campaign

Submission for #TrainWithGrains campaign. #TrainWithGrains is a social campaign encouraging Ontario university students to fuel their bodies with healthy grain-based foods and perform an athletic ability. Do YOU train with grains?!

Orange Oats

Carrot cake inspired oatmeal to fuel todays workout

TURC Women 1

Abbey, from the Trent Crew, shows how she powers through her workouts with Grains

TURC Men 1

Nick, from the Trent Crew, does some heavy lifting with grains!