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Train With Grains

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Jill Trains with Grains

Jill Kettlewell of the Western Women’s Varsity Basketball team #trainswithgrains to ensure she performs at her absolute best on the basketball court @goodingrain @westernunivsersity

Megan Kamachi - UofT Rowing - Preparation is key, train with grains!

Never forget the grains to help stay fueled for every workout.

I Train With Grains!

Hannah from University of Guelph's Track and Cross Country Teams shows how she trains with grains to fuel her fire when she runs!

Alexa Fenton Queen's Train With Grains

Alexa Fenton Queen's Lacrosse Trains With Grains


Shane from Trent rowing shows how he fuels his body with grains.

Train with Grains - UOIT Soccer Style

Mateo Marques of the UOIT men's soccer team trains with grains.... so should you.

From Science Class to Spin Class

oatmeal to start the day, and some mini buckwheat crepes to keep me going


Coxie Brendan, from Trent University Rowing Club Trains with Grains!


Nathan, from Trent Rowing, shows how grains help him fuel his goals! (Please don't try this at home)

Queen's Football- Chris Osei-Kusi

Chris Osei-Kusi of the Queen's Gaels Football team brings you through his daily workout routine while training with grains! #TrainWithGrains

UOIT Women's Hockey - Marisa Murphy Water Bottle

Marissa Murphy of the UOIT women's hockey team eats her cereal before a morning practice where she pops the water bottle of the crossbar #trainwithgrains

Orange Oats

Carrot cake inspired oatmeal to fuel todays workout